Youth Technical Assistance – Fostering Safe Futures

Fostering Safe Futures is a 2016 OVW technical assistance project designed to increase the capacity of OVW grantees to create and deliver promising prevention practices that are developmentally appropriate and youth-driven, along with effective, trauma-informed and culturally relevant interventions for youth victims of sexual assault, dating and domestic violence, stalking and sex trafficking.

Project Activities

Webinar Series

This webinar series is presented by Barbara Paradiso and Sareen Dale of the Center on Domestic Violence at the University of Colorado Denver. This series teaches the value of a collaborative approach to addressing gender-based violence experienced by youth.

Training and Technical Assistance on Community Coordinated Response – how to effectively establish and maintain a CCR approach to the prevention and intervention needs of youth.

Develop Toolkits and Other Informational Products around intervention and prevention that provide in-depth information on standards for prevention/ intervention work with youth regarding gender-based violence.  Examples include:

Youth CCR Toolkit – Many communities have adopted the CCR model for addressing gender-based violence (i.e. domestic violence, campus sexual violence) but linking youth-serving programs in a community coordinated way to response to youth experiencing dating violence and sexual assault is something that many communities have not had to capacity to address. This toolkit could help providers develop a youth CCR from the ground up, or help people connect youth-serving programs to an existing CCR.

Individualized Coaching, Training, and Technical Assistance

Project Staff and Trainers

Consultants and Trainers – Donna Bartos, Founder and Executive Director: Innovative and comprehensive youth led prevention program. Expertise in teen dating abuse and domestic violence prevention, curriculum development, building the capacity of youth as social change agents, program evaluation.

Women of Color Network, Inc. (WOCN, Inc.)Ms. Tonya Lovelace Davis, Chief Executive Officer and Rev. Dr. Aleese Moore-Orbih, Systems Training Program Director: Content expertise in anti-oppression and cultural competency, identification of underserved and unserved people within communities, building partnerships with culturally specific youth serving organizations.

National Center on Domestic Violence, Trauma & Mental Health Carole Warshaw MD, Director and Susan Blumenfeld, MSW, LCSW, Child Trauma Training Director: Trauma-informed approaches to working with children, youth and families affected by domestic violence and other trauma; trauma-specific treatment interventions for adolescents. Developing collaborative models and building system capacity to address the mental health and advocacy concerns of survivors.

Expect Respect – Barri Rosenbluth, MSSW, Senior Director and Dr. Barbara Ball, Director for Evaluation and Training: Expertise in the areas of school-based counseling and support groups, school policy and curriculum development, professional training, use of theater for peer education and program evaluation

Laboratory to Combat Human Trafficking – AnnJanette Alejano-Steele, PhD., faculty at Metropolitan State University of Denver and Research Director and Mary Durant, Action Plan Manager: Human Trafficking Academic Response Teams, comprehensive services for victims of human trafficking including street interventions

Eve’s PlaceLaura Horsley, Executive Director: Community-based mobile advocacy programs for youth experiencing dating violence in rural and tribal settings.

Center Staff

Barbara Paradiso, MPA, Program Director – is the Director for the Center on Domestic Violence at the CU Denver School of Public Affairs.  Barbara has worked on behalf of survivors of domestic and sexual violence for more than thirty years as an advocate, administrator and activist. Barbara has presented and provided consultation to organizations on a state, local and national level on Campus and school based interventions, Coordinated Community Response, Collaborative partnerships, Facilitation, Grants management, and leadership development.

Sareen Dale, MBA, Youth Technical Assistance Program Manager – Sareen has over thirteen years of experience in gender-based violence advocacy, prevention, and program development and administration in the non-profit, local government and higher education sectors. Expertise in integrating youth dating and domestic violence, sexual assault, stalking and sex trafficking intervention into existing youth serving programs, Colocation of services for youth, collaboration among youth serving organizations, policy and procedure development (i.e. consent policy, school response policy), prevention and intervention programming.

Monica Bies, LCSW, Services to Youth Victims Trainer – Monica is an independently licensed social work professional with over twenty years of experience in the non-profit sector, developing best-practices in prevention and intervention in school-based mental health and inclusive, trauma-informed services.