The Center works in partnership with a broad cross-section of local and national community and campus based organizations to advance creative solutions to gender-based violence.  The intent of the Center is to:

    • bring together researchers, practitioners, advocates and other experts to enhance knowledge and forge alliances across a wide spectrum of professionals in the field;
    • advance the critical thinking, clear analysis and creativity for a broad cross-section of practitioners working with families and individuals experiencing gender-based violence; and
  • increase the stability of programs and their capacity to address gender-based violence in their home communities and/or professions.

Campus Program

The Center on Domestic Violence is pleased to serve as a technical assistance provider for the U.S. Department of Justice, Office on Violence Against Women (OVW) Campus Grant program. As part of this program, we provide comprehensive training and support to college and university campuses funded through the OVW “Grant to Reduce Domestic Violence, Dating Violence, Sexual Assault, and Stalking on Campus” program in the following areas:

    • Training and support for the development, maintenance, and assessment of coordinated community response (CCR) teams;
    • Developing CCR teams that are inclusive, culturally relevant, and trauma-informed; and
  • Building capacity on CCR teams to enhance the effectiveness and sustainability of campus violence prevention and response programs.

In addition to training and consultations, we develop resources and products that assist colleges and universities in addressing gender-based violence on an institutional level. The following resources are free and available to download:

National Model for Campus Programs [link to be released on December 1, 2016]

What is a CCRT? [pdf handout]

CCRT Infographics link [in development]

CCRT Bibliography [pdf handout – in development]

To access additional resources and webinars from the Campus Program, visit the OVW Center for Changing our Campus.

To learn more about the CDV Campus Program, contact Shannon Collins at shannon.collins@ucdenver.edu.

Youth Technical Assistance Program

Fostering Safe Futures is a national training and technical assistance program for youth serving organizations  who provide youth driven prevention and services to youth victims.  Funded by the Department of Justice, Office for Violence Against Women (OVW), the Fostering Safe Futures aims to increase the knowledge, skills, and capacity of our grantee partners that result in more effective programs to prevent sexual assault, domestic violence, dating violence, stalking, and sex trafficking.

To learn more about the CDV Youth Technical Assistance Program, contact Mary Hillsman at mary.hillsman@ucdenver.edu

ECE-12 School Program

The End Violence Project equips school personnel to identify and respond to children who have been exposed to domestic and sexual violence, teen dating violence, stalking and trafficking.

* School staff are trained to identify victims and survivors, provide trauma informed responses, and access prevention, intervention, and treatment resources in the school and community.

* In-depth training is provided to a multidisciplinary (Response) team who become the school experts in response and intervention for students exposed to or experiencing gender-based violence.

* Response Team and administrators are provided resources and guidance to develop school specific protocols and policies based on national models of best practice for creating safe and healthy environments that benefit all students.

To learn more about the End Violence Project, contact Monica Bies at monica.bies@ucdenver.edu.

Community Education Series

The Center on Domestic Violence invites nationally renowned speakers for a community education series twice each year (August and January).

Save the date for our next community education event, scheduled for August 14, 2019. This workshop will be offered in person and via LiveStream!

Previous Community Education Series Events:

Fall 2016

Michael Munson is the co-founder and Executive Director of FORGE, an organization focused on improving the lives of transgender individuals. Michael presented a full-day training for victim-service providers that challenged attendees to expand their conceptual framework(s) about transgender survivors of sexual and intimate partner violence. Trans-specific research highlighted prevalence data, barriers to accessing services, as well as some of the unique challenges faced by transgender survivors. Discussion focused on how providers and systems can lower barriers and integrate effective strategies to better serve transgender survivors and loved ones. A review of trans-inclusive federal legislation and advancements provided information on federal mandates to provide services as well as how these federal advancements can improve the safety and health of the transgender survivors they work with.

CDV Community Education Series 2015

Wagatwe Wanjuki is an activist and writer who started blogging about feminism and the campus rape culture as a student at Tufts University. Since then, she’s continued to focus her work on ending campus sexual violence and using new media for social change.

As digital strategist she has worked on progressive causes for over five years with various organizations including ColorOfChange, Free Press, and RH Reality Check. She is the founder of F— Yeah Feminists, one of the first and most popular feminist blogs on Tumblr.

Wagatwe is a prominent campus anti-sexual violence activist who recently received widespread media attention for starting the nationally-trending #SurvivorPrivilege hashtag on Twitter. She is a founding co-organizer of the Know Your IX ED ACT NOW campaign focusing on holding schools accountable to protect the civil right for an education free of sexual violence. Her story and commentary is featured in Jennifer Baumgardner’s “It Was Rape” and “The Hunting Ground” by the makers of “The Invisible War.”

She has written for Feministing, Mic, RH Reality Check, ESSENCE magazine, BuzzFeed, and the New York Times. Her appearances include The Daily Show, HuffPost Live, Democracy Now!, and MSNBC’s All In with Chris Hayes.

Follow her on Twitter @wagatwe