Leadership Council

The Center on Domestic Violence (CDV) established an advisory board, known as the CDV Leadership Council (LC), in late 2013 to guide its pioneering work both locally and nationally. The purpose of the Council is to maximize the impact of the Center in building stronger leaders, organizations and communities for the movement to end domestic and sexual violence. Historically, advisors to the Center have been focused on curriculum and programming. This is the first time the Center has assembled a group dedicated to the long term sustainability of the Center as a whole.  The Leadership Council is comprised of individuals invested in achieving the Center’s mission to: end domestic and sexual violence by fostering institutional and social change through leadership development, education, research and community collaboration.

The role of the Council is twofold:

  1. Ensure sufficient financial resources are available to support the work of the Center; and
  2. Advise on the overall direction of the Center

The responsibilities of the Council include, but are not limited to:

  • Serve as a steward of the Center’s goals, actions, funding and outcomes;
  • Broaden the visibility of the Center by making connections to others in the community interested in learning more about its work;
  • Guide the emerging priorities of the Center;
  • Lend individual skills and talents to the Center’s overall efforts
  • Develop and implement effective funding strategies.

2018 Leadership Council Members

Catherine Chan
Elaine Enarson
Jeanette Marquess
Samantha Moreno
John Ronquillo
Rita Smith
Betty Wytias